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Review on Korean Drama: What's Up Fox? (2006)

Title: What’s up Fox?
Genre:  comedy, romance

Duration:  16 episodes
Ko Hyung Jung as Ko Byung Hee
Chun Jung Myung as Park Chul Soo
Jo Yun Woo as Bae Hae Myung
Kim Eun Joo as Ko Joon Hee
Ahn Sun Young as Park Seung Hye

The story is about a 33-year old woman, Ko Byung Hee(Ko Hyung Jung) who works at an adult magazine and everyone believes her to be an expert on sex.  However, she only has a string of failed relationships and has even maintained her virginity.  At her age, she is still very much naive though and still waiting to fall hopelessly in love.  She was dealt with a big shock though when she was told that she has a cyst in her womb that must be removed.  The news disturbed her so much thinking she hasn’t even had the chance to have her first time and now they want to operate on her.  Believing she may die, she drinks herself senselessly that she could not go home herself.  She calls her bestfriend, Syeung Hee to pick her up but her friend sends her brother, Chul Soo(Chun Jung Myung), instead.  Byung Hee being too drunk threw his car keys to the ocean which forces them to spend the night together.  Feeling desperately miserable and too drunk, Byung Hee seduces Chul Soo and had their first time together.
Byung Hee could not believe she had given her first time to Chul Soo, a guy she considered as a younger brother for the longest time.  She wanted to blame him for the incident until she learns it was also his first time which left her astounded.  She would rather put the whole incident behind them specially that she has begun to a serious relationship with a doctor who is perfect in every way.  However, due perhaps to the shock of the night they spent together, Chul Soo begun acting strange towards Byung Hee and started acting jealous whenever he sees the two dating.
Byung Hee tried her best to discourage Chul Soo specially knowing that the gap of nine years is just impossible to overcome.  She wanted to focus on her developing relationship with Dr Bae but thoughts about the kid keeps disturbing her consciousness.  She knew that to even entertain the thought of having a relationship with Chul Soo means dying in the hands of her friend.
Yet,  Chul Soo persisted in pursuing her believing that Byung Hee is just denying her true feelings.  Everything seemed normal that is until Byung Hee had to have the operation to remove the cyst.  Waking up from the operation, her first thoughts were to see Chul Soo. She realized that the kid had been right all along and that she should just bravely follow her heart.  Then all her broke loose.  Suddenly, it’s became you-and-me against the world with the future seemed glum but the couple were happy. 
Both their families could not accept their relationship and schemed ways to keep them apart including locking-up Byung Hee in her room and not even allowing her to go to the bathroom.  In desperation, Chul Soo’s sister enlists him to serve time for the army which meant he has to be away for two years. 
These proved to be the toughest challenge the couple had to undergo.  Byung Hee believed that a heart could still change so she’s not confident that Chul Soo would stay the same after his time with the army.  Chul Soo knew that Byung Hee might not be able to wait for him since she would be thirty-five by the time he is released.
This ordeal forced both to re-evaluate their relationship and just how strong their love can be.  It may prove to be too much specially that they can’t receive support from anyone around them.  Can love really survive the test of time?

Review:  What’s up fox deals with the sensitive topic of age gap in a relationship and it attacks the issue head on without making excuses or making light of the issue. 
The relationship between Byung Hee and Chul Soo with an age gap of 9 years showed how society, and not just Korean society, often puts the blame on the woman especially if the guy is her junior.  The unique relationship Byung Hee’s younger sister had with the much older guy, even though they have 19 years gap seemed more plausible specially that he’s so successful in his field.  The mother with her assistant although I’m not quite sure if there was really romance there specially that it was mentioned how deeply in love he was with his wife.
Among all the shows I’ve seen that deals with this issue, this show I believe is the best.  It does not shy away from the real issue like other dramas do and plunges into the issue head on.  It dealt with the doubts that this kind of relationship may have like changing of hearts, how long a love could actually last, and how to deal with a lot of criticisms and objections from the people close to them and from mere observers.  It’s definitely a long and arduous path they have chosen to thread. 
The drama not only dealt with the unique relationships but also about a woman’s career when she’s in her 30’s, a young woman’s doubts with her capabilities even though she loves what she’s doing, and a young man’s passion although it does not conform to how society views success. 
Although Chul Soo’s sister was really mean in the end when she enlisted him, I understood how she felt and the frustration she was going through.  I can’t imagine my best friend and my younger brother going out and doing “all stuffs”. 
What I like most about this show is seeing Chul Soo’s grinning like a fool and looking so adorable.  I wonder if growing-up, he was able to get everything he wanted.  I’m sure I could not have said no to the guy specially if he was grinning at me like an angel.  Just thinking about it is making me smile.  He looks so carefree about his life yet you get the feeling that he would be successful in the end.  He looks so young and full of life yet when he acts serious, he really pulls it off.  Of course, it does not hurt that he has an IQ of 150.  I love the way he took care of Byung Hee and how  
One of my favourite scenes is when he gave a girl a ride on his bike and Byung Hee finding the chance to escape his sister’s interrogation, told her that the girl he was with is actually his secret girlfriend and that he also brought her to Oijo.  Chul Soo didn’t have a clue and was watching the girl walk away thinking the world is a beautiful place when his sister hits him hard at the back of his head making him dumbfounded.  Then there was this scene when I thought I would die with laughter.  They decided to meet with Chul Soo’s old friends and Byung Hee made a toast and the reception was lukewarm.  Chul Soo prodded his friends saying “Is that the best you can do? My baby is making a toast...” and I was cringing and hiding behind my pillow with embarrassment.  Imagine calling someone 9 years your senior my baby. I’m still getting Goosebumps just thinking about it.
The only thing I didn’t like about this show is how they dressed Byung Hee.  Why does she always have to dress so horribly then showing contrast to how Joon Hee is dressed fabulously in the nines.  I just wished that there were also times when she was still dating the doctor that they have dressed her more femininely. 
This show has a solid story, solid directing and excellent performance by the cast.  I give this show a 9.5 out of 10 stars and should be included in your must watch list. It would definitely be worth your while.


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